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Certified and Most Experienced

It is a certified and most experienced company in Turkey, on Car and SUV Export, car import, vehicle registration and customs Clearance Service of vehicles which is the only company in Istanbul with customs clearance.

Strong References in Buying

Is a company with strong references in buying, selling and exporting tax-free cars to the Experts, Diplomatic Mission and Foreigners in Turkey. We have been operating in Germany since 1994 with our branch in Cologne.


9 Ekim Group is a forerunner and best international car shipping company in Turkey (Istanbul -Izmir).Wherever you wish your vehicle from 9ekim Specialist 

Vehicles to be delivered, we are able to make export arrangements and delivery to client’s destinations. We offer a full line of services for our clients from;ocean freight, loading, customs title validation, domestic hauling freight, and handling. We have door to door, port, door to port services. 9 Ekim Group ships hundreds of vehicles from Turkey to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Central and South America, Australia, Canada. 9ekim deals with shipping of high value cars which include; classic cars, vintage cars, salvage cars, motorcycles, ATVs, boats, yachts, personal cars, diplomatic cars, defenders, 4×4, used Land Rover, Land Rover Defenders 90 – 110 – 130, blue plate Cars, Land Rover Heritage, pick-up truck, minibus, moving van and used / new automatic bus. We also do a domestic pickup of your vehicle in Turkey upon entry of vehicles into one of Istanbul or Izmir CFS Terminals Istanbul Ambarlı Harbour -Izmir Alsancak Harbour. 9 Ekim ensures that your vehicle arrives overseas ready to use, with the absolute minimum of hassle. There is also a global shipping arrangement. Tag: land rover, defender, defenders, usa, amerika, original, export, 90, 110, 130, 2.5, D, 4×4, 4X4, export, original, sell, buy

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    Are You looking for a Defender?

    9ekim company will break down the price of a used Land Rover Defender if you buy in our stock for it has nearly 30years experience in the field compared to when you buy own your own means which will be expensive.

    Do You want to sell a Defender?

    Production has been enclosed with Land Rover Defender which has been manufactured by Otokar since 1987 with UK license and unfortunately its production ceased in 2016!

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