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About us

9 Ekim Group Company was established in
1993 in Istanbul Turkey

Welcome to the Buydefender.com

9 Ekim Group Company was established in 1992 in Istanbul Turkey


We are licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission under license # 019334.We are a bonded international car shipping company. Our company has been a licensed customs consultancy company since 1994.The owners of the company are Authorized and Certified Customs Consultants, however, there are fake and unauthorized companies that place Turkish Customs Consultant logos on their web pages illegally and without permission and introduce themselves as a customs consultant. Pay attention to these and check with the relevant ministry

The related automobile companies within 9 Ekim are;

9 Ekim  Taxfreecar

Is a company with strong references in buying, selling and exporting tax-free cars to the Experts, Diplomatic Mission and Foreigners in Turkey. We have been operating in Germany since 1992 with our branch in Cologne.

9 Ekim  Customs Consultancy and Logistics

It is a certified and most experienced company in Turkey on Car and SUV Export, car import, vehicle registration and customs Clearance Service of vehicles which is the only company in Istanbul with customs clearance. Companies that are leading as outsource business partner for Customs Consultancy of the commercial commodity are our reliable partners.

9 Ekim is an official company operating as a semi-public institution under the authorizations and permissions of Turkish Republic’s Ministry of Customs and Trade. It overseas export of vehicles, transportation of automobiles to the desired countries and the organization of vehicle transport to Turkey. It also partakes international overland, overseas and by air automobile transportation from Turkey to abroad.

Services Offered abroad are as follows;

  • Car export customs clearance service
  • Car and vehicle export service
  • Car and vehicle import customs clearance to Turkey
  • Car and vehicle import customs clearance service in Istanbul
  • Cars and Vehicle International Transportation Service
  • Cars Transportation Service by ship in Istanbul
  • Cars Transportation Service by Truck in Istanbul
  • Istanbul Car Import and vehicle export customs clearance by sea freight and road freight.
  • Turkey Car import and vehicle export customs clearance by sea freight and road freight.
  • Istanbul International Move and customs clearance for Household Goods & Personal Effects.
  • Turkey Car and vehicle customs consultancy service
  • Istanbul Car and vehicle customs consultancy service
  • Istanbul car Customs brokerage service
  • Turkey cars and vehicle customs brokerage service
  • Istanbul customs brokerage service for cars and vehicle


N/B –Beware of counterfeits. Make absolutely sure of our references (www.9ekim.com)


9 Ekim  Buy Defender

Production has been enclosed with Land Rover Defender which has been manufactured by Otokar since 1987 with UK license and unfortunately its production ceased in 2016. Since Land Rover England could not meet the demands for defender model, that is hot-selling and onto a winner, it had this model produced by Otokar company in Turkey with its own license and it has exported Land Rover abroad and moreover launched in Turkey. It is easy to find Land Rover Defenders produced by UK license in Turkey after 1987. It is easy to find drivability and unworn vehicles in Turkey required by Defender import legislation of America and Canada, such as


  • Land Rover Defender 90 2.5 off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover Defender, 2.5 off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover Defender, 2.5 TDİ off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover Defender, 110 2.5 off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover, 110 2.5 TD off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover Defender, 110 3.5 off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover Defender 130 2.5 off-road vehicles.
  • Land Rover Defender 130 3.5 off-road vehicles.


Land Rover is over 25 years and has its original chassis, body, engine, and gearbox making it suitable to be exported to the USA and it is obligatory for the seller or vendor to be a Land Rover Defender specialist. The seller who is a defender specialist must understand that it is suitable for exporting defender to America or Canada when he/she first sees the second hand Land Rover Defender. There are old Land Rover Defenders for sale in Turkey which has not performed off-road that were imported to Turkey at one time or produced in Turkey with a license. Land Rover Defenders for sale in Turkey are cheaper than used land Rover Defenders sold in European and UK markets. We have special discounts for companies working or willing to work with our company.

Our company, as a Land Rover specialist, buys second-hand land rover defenders in Turkey which have drivability, accident-free, have not performed off-road, over 25 years old and have original chassis body, engine, gearbox and exports defenders worldwide, Primarily to America and secondly to Canada. In addition, we procure defenders from Germany through our branch in Cologne and export them. We also export many defenders to the USA and Canada. We are also able to arrange shipping via ship and web load into a 20 ft. Container on site.

Are you thinking of buying a used Defender in Europe but fear the repercussions of a vehicle that may not be eligible for USA entry? The obvious answer is to buy from a reputable dealer but you are right to be worried as there are many unregistered dealers who can and do, disappear if faced with any problems during the purchase. We can offset some of these risks with our expert knowledge developed, sometimes the hard way, through our years of experience and networking across Europe. It is essential that we have a detailed expertise and report on all the vehicles we sell.

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