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1987 Defender 110 200TDI Fully Restored

1987 Defender 110 200TDI Fully Restored


Only by driving different vehicles off-road can you appreciate the superiority of the Defender. During the mid-1980s my own V8 One Ten County Station Wagon, one of the earliest, was used as everyday transport and for off-road fun. At the same time our work enabled us to gain considerable off roading experiencc in Mitsubishi Shoguns, Daihatsu Fourtraks, a Mercedes G-Wagen, and an Isuzu Trooper. The experience was most illuminating and gave me an early, yet permanent, appreciation of the superiority of the Defender series.

As has been explained, the Land Rover gains its principal advantage from its suspension and beam axle arrangement, but in practice it’s the way everything performs which makes the difference. lake a simple and frequently encountered obstacle, such as a ditch crossing. Unless the surrounding terrain makes it impossible, a ditch should always be crossed diagonally, so that only one wheel risks being ou t of contact with the surface at a time as it drops into the depression. The long travel of a Land Rover’s coil springs with the associaled extreme axle articulation means that a Defender will frequently cross such an obstacle with ease. With the centre diff lock engagcd you sland a good chance of ‘walking’ the vehicle through in first gear low ralios and the diesel engine running at tickover … even if there’s a ridge on one side of the ditch, or the sides of the obstacle are particularly uneven, very muddy, or both.


As our all other defenders, this vehicle has an original chassis & engine with all matching numbers too. So it is suitiable for import ! These cars are climbing in price everyday. This would be a great addition to any collectors stable of cars. Take a moment and review the prices folks are asking and you will see the kind of deal you are getting on this one. Shipping and financing available to qualified buyer. Act quick as this defender will not be around for long.


As soon as the deal is finalised and the funds deposited , we purchase the truck then we can handle customs export process from port of Istanbul and arrange shipping booking in container with all documentation on the behalf of owner. With our vast experience more than 30 years in car sales , import / export and shipping , we can provide a first class service on this regard..

By 9ekim gorup..

Our company has 30 years old. If you don’t like this truck, you can choose other trucks you like from our website. We go to the location of your chosen trucks with expertise and send the vehicle to you. If the truck is suitable for export to the United States, we carry out customs clearance, transport organization and export to the US and other parts of the world.


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Code Name: Green Grasshopper


After the vehicle was kept in a closed garage for a long time, it was decided to be restored and overhauled to the smallest detail. All renovation works have been carried out faithfully to the original, as can be seen from the photographs. The entire hull has been repainted and all rust and rot on the hull have been meticulously repaired. The painting work of the vehicle was meticulously done by skilled craftsmen and all repair steps were personally followed.

All electrical components outside (headlights, turn signals, wipers, etc.) work without any problems. The front grille, front and rear bumper assemblies have been repaired and painted in original condition. Newly fitted BFGoodrich tires and front hood skid panels reinforce the vehicle’s off-road look. The white roof of the vehicle added a very harmonious atmosphere with the green color of the vehicle. The insulation of the vehicle was reinforced by renewing the glass wicks. Door handles and door parts have been renewed.


The entire interior of the vehicle has been restored without losing any of its originality. The most important feature of the vehicle is that every point from a to z is restored by being faithful to its original parts. All clocks and pointer group on the instrument panel on the front panel have been renewed and are working smoothly. Renewed steering wheel, floor and roof linings and completely new seats not only promise comfortable journeys to its passengers, but also take off-road capability to a different level. The vehicle has a new radio and speaker system. It promises pleasant journeys to its contents.


All maintenance of the 200TDI diesel engine with a volume of 2495cc has been done on time and there is no problem in its chassis. All maintenance has been carried out by skilled craftsmen by supplying original Land Rover Defender parts. All oil and heavy maintenance has been done recently. The number of worn parts in the engine compartment is negligible. At the same time, the transmission is original, the oil was changed a short time ago and the gear shifts are smooth. There are no parts that are not working. The vehicle at 125 thousand miles is original from chassis to engine and is suitable for export. You can also examine the engine from the pictures.

Extra Features
  • And many more
  • Sound System
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This defender is in stock and if you are interested, you can call us or send a message.

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    Model Defender 110
    Engine 2.5 200TDI
    Transmission Manual
    Fuel type Diesel
    Year 1987
    Drive 4WD
    Exterior Color Green
    Interior Color Black