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1990 Land Rover Defender 110 2.5 Gas

1990 Land Rover Defender 110 2.5 Gas


Being built on an enormously strong chassis gives the Land Rover a huge advantage över other off- roaders. The chassis imbues massive strength to the entire structure, it reduces under-body vulnerability, it gives uniquely strong mounting points for the suspension, and it facilitates the addition of winches and recovery points with ruggedness impossible in monocoque structures. Heavy duty vvinches are essential for extreme off- roading, and for much expedition work. To fit one to a Land Rover Defender you can, ifyou wish, bolt

What the well-equipped expedition vehicle is wearing. Thorough vehicle preparation is essential before any trip to the Sahara, Middle East, or further, and items such as a full expedition roof rack, under-body protection, vvater and fuel containers are essential it directly to the front bumper, a sol id steel affair which is, in turn, bolted to the main chassis frame. Consequently a winch recovery with a Land Rover passes the stresses through the chassis withoul any of it affecting the body. it is, in fact, possible to suspend a Defender on a suitably strong cable vvithout any risk of damage – televısion advertising some years ago which showed a Defender being winched tıp a neaı-vertical dam retaining vvall at a Welsh reservoir involved no trickery, just some unseen safety measures


As our all other defenders, this vehicle has an original chassis & engine with all matching numbers too. So it is suitiable for import ! These cars are climbing in price everyday. This would be a great addition to any collectors stable of cars. Take a moment and review the prices folks are asking and you will see the kind of deal you are getting on this one. Shipping and financing available to qualified buyer. Act quick as this defender will not be around for long.


As soon as the deal is finalised and the funds deposited , we purchase the truck then we can handle customs export process from port of Istanbul and arrange shipping booking in container with all documentation on the behalf of owner. With our vast experience more than 30 years in car sales , import / export and shipping , we can provide a first class service on this regard.By 9ekim gorup..

Our company has 30 years old. If you don’t like this truck, you can choose other trucks you like from our website. We go to the location of your chosen trucks with expertise and send the vehicle to you. If the truck is suitable for export to the United States, we carry out customs clearance, transport organization and export to the US and other parts of the world.


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Extra Features
  • And many more
  • Central locking
  • Leather Seats
  • Original
  • Remote Locking
  • Schnorkel
Fuel Consumption
FUEL TYPE Gasoline
TYPE Manual

Code Name: Camel Edition


The vehicle is completely original. All renovation work has been carried out by staying true to the original model. The vehicle’s special camel thropy color has been preserved. It is the most popular color on the market. By making minor modifications to the vehicle, the buyer can easily turn the vehicle into a complete thropy vehicle without the cost of paint. There is no rust, rot or deformation at any point of the vehicle. The front grille, headlights and bumper maintain their originality of the first day. Headlight protection grilles are originally located in the vehicle. Snorkel is active. There are no heavy modifications to the vehicle. All chassis and body are original. Includes rear spare wheel holder and vehicle ladder. All lights work flawlessly. Tires are unworn and in good condition. It is a very clean and well maintained vehicle.


As in the exterior of the vehicle, its originality has been preserved in the interior as well. However, all internal parts have been overhauled and all cracks, tears or possible deformations have been repaired. Base slabs were overhauled and floor insulation was provided. There is no tear or deformation in the seats. The original seats add the first day’s air to the vehicle. A new radio tape and sound system has been added to the vehicle. Door interiors and door seals have been overhauled. Steering wheel is original. All lighting and clocks are working smoothly. The door interior panels and the interior of the rear tailgate have been overhauled and refurbished with smooth-running parts.


All oil and heavy maintenance of the engine were done on time. There is no problem with the engine and chassis of the vehicle. Engine, transmission and chassis are completely original.

Extra Features
  • And many more
  • Central locking
  • Leather Seats
  • Original
  • Remote Locking
  • Schnorkel
Contact Information

This defender is in stock and if you are interested, you can call us or send a message.

Selenium Ataköy Residence B Blok No.121
34156 Bakırköy İstanbul Turkey


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    Model Defender 110
    Engine 2.5 Gas
    Transmission Manual
    Fuel type Gasoline
    Year 1990
    Drive 4WD
    Exterior Color Beige