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1996 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI

1996 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI


As well as the Defender’s excellent suspension and transmission, the third factor which greatly affects its off-road performance is the engine and, more specifıcally, its lorque characteristics and whether it is petrol or diesel.

Outright brake horse power is of little advantage when off-roading, although clearly it makes a difference to main road performance. Rather, it is torque which is required for off-roading and for heavy-duty towing work, and the lower the revs needed to produce maximum torque the more it can be made to work for you.

A further point regarding engines concerns the difference between petrol and diesel when it comes to off-road reliability and performance. Initially, the One Ten came with either 2.25 litre petrol and diesel engines, both low on power and torque, or the tried and tested 3.5-litre petrol V8. The Ninety came vvithout a V8 option to start with, having the good old 2.25-litre petrol and the newly enlarged 2.5-litre diesel. The 2.5 diesel was a little better than the one it replaced, but not much, although it vvasn’t a bad off-road unit.

The V8 had proved itself an excel)ent off-road engine in the Range Rover, and in the early days of the Defender family was the preferred option for enthusîasls. At the time it was introduced for the Ninety in 1985, it produced 114bhp; more importantly, its torque figüre was 185lb/ft at 2,500rpm. For off-roading you need to get your torque at a slower engine speed Ihan this, but even at 2,000rpm the torque was better than the opposition could manage. The drawback of the V8, as wilh ali petrol engines, has alvvays been the great difficulty of vvaterproofing the electrical system sufficiently lo prevent misfires or complete stoppage when there’s deep water about. A diesel will run completely submerged, provided there’s a high-level air intake. Not so a petrol unit.

The introduction of the 2.5-litre Diesel Türbo in late 1986 at last gave the One Ten and Ninety the right engine to match the rest of their off-road superiority. It was not as good as the Tdi would prove to be a fewyears later, but with this engine the Land Rovers had the combination of diesel dependability for off-road work, and decent power and torque figures. It’s worth taking a look at the figures for Land Rover and its competitors at the time the Diesel TUrbo took över from the normally.


As our all other defenders, this vehicle has an original chassis & engine with all matching numbers too. So it is suitiable for import ! These cars are climbing in price everyday. This would be a great addition to any collectors stable of cars. Take a moment and review the prices folks are asking and you will see the kind of deal you are getting on this one. Shipping and financing available to qualified buyer. Act quick as this defender will not be around for long.


As soon as the deal is finalised and the funds deposited , we purchase the truck then we can handle customs export process from port of Istanbul and arrange shipping booking in container with all documentation on the behalf of owner. With our vast experience more than 30 years in car sales , import / export and shipping , we can provide a first class service on this regard.By 9ekim gorup..

Our company has 30 years old. If you don’t like this truck, you can choose other trucks you like from our website. We go to the location of your chosen trucks with expertise and send the vehicle to you. If the truck is suitable for export to the United States, we carry out customs clearance, transport organization and export to the US and other parts of the world.


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Extra Features
  • Air Condition
  • And many more
  • Bluetooth
  • Central locking
  • Hydrolic Wheel
  • Leather Seats
  • Original
  • Remote Controlled Winch
  • Schnorkel
  • Sound System
Fuel Consumption
TYPE Manual

Code Name: Glamorous Machine


The vehicle has been painted with a special color combination of red-black. The roof, rear door, front hood, grille and fenders are painted in glossy black, while the side panels are painted in a special red color. The color harmony of the vehicle is reinforced with black wheels. With the decals on the side doors, the urban appearance of the vehicle is emphasized, apart from the off-road appearance. The rims are specially selected for the look of the vehicle. The side snorkel is active. There is a tow rope and new fog lights in the bumper at the front, and a spare wheel carrier at the rear. The sun protection is provided by applying black film to the windows. All lights and new LED headlights on the exterior of the vehicle work without any problems. There is no rust, rot or deformation on the body of the vehicle. All pieces are carefully and meticulously painted by skilled craftsmen.


The entire interior of the vehicle has been completely renovated. The upper, lower and middle parts of the dashboard, armrests, certain parts of the doors, roof, steering wheel and gearshift area are all covered with leather, giving it a quality appearance. The seats have been completely renewed and replaced with original land rover seats, promising very comfortable journeys. The piano-black coatings on certain parts of the vehicle add a very stylish look. With its renewed multimedia screen and sound system, it provides an enjoyable journey opportunity for the journeys inside. All the lights and indicators on the instrument panel have been replaced with new ones, and there is no system in the interior that does not work. The floor covering has been completely renewed in the luggage and passenger compartments and has become stylish and insulated by using quality materials. Door hinges, door seals, all interior components on the door panels and seat belts have been renewed and all parts of the vehicle from a to z have gained an up-to-date appearance and functionality. You will feel this quality and comfort when you get in and use the vehicle.


The engine, chassis and undercarriage revision of the vehicle was made while preserving all the originality of the vehicle. The chassis was sandblasted and repainted, and all worn chassis parts were replaced with new ones, making the undercarriage of the vehicle perfect. The new shock absorber and damping group and new springs have been mounted on the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to be raised higher from the ground and increasing its off-road capacity.

Extra Features
  • Air Condition
  • And many more
  • Bluetooth
  • Central locking
  • Hydrolic Wheel
  • Leather Seats
  • Original
  • Remote Controlled Winch
  • Schnorkel
  • Sound System
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This defender is in stock and if you are interested, you can call us or send a message.

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    Model Defender 110
    Engine 2.5 300TDI
    Transmission Manual
    Fuel type Diesel
    Year 1996
    Drive 4WD
    Exterior Color Orange
    Interior Color Black